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Info Sec Cynic: What's Wrong With Your Internet Provider?

So you think you have a great ISP? You may not know what is wrong with your Internet Service Provider! Here we will capture the latest news about what is coming in the very near future to the world of the Internet, and how you might be able to avoid the bad stuff.

Read the best of the internet options in my area here, and if you find something we missed LET US KNOW!

F.C.C. Is Expected to Propose Internet Service Regulation Soon

The proposal will reclassify high-speed Internet services as a telecommunications service and not an information service. While this sounds like a minor distinction in the eyes of the law it is enormous. If Internet access becomes classified as a telecommunications service it will then be subject to title II of the Communications Act that makes the public utility. This would instantly apply a massive amount of regulation to a previously unregulated service including satellite internet providers. More

China Passes Real-Name Registration

These requirements apply to news comment sections, forums, instant messaging, blogs, personal websites, and any other way in which information can be shared on the Internet. These rules will be monitored and enforced by the cyberspace administration of China. This is the country's largest Internet regulator, and it will be empowered to take action against users that violate the new rules. More